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Bakery Institute is a private school aimed at anyone who wants to develop themselves in the bakery business. It was established in 2011 through crowdfunding and with the expertise of bakers, suppliers and other industry professionals. The founders saw a clear opportunity in the market; they envisioned a place where bakers could improve their knowledge and skills in the art of bread and pastry. That was the basis of the Bakery Institute. The crowdfunding gave us the initial financing so we were free of any government subsidies. The Bakery Institute strives to be visionary and continue to innovate.

Our motto is to lead by focusing on the foundation. We take our students on a journey back to the origin, to understand where all ingredients come from. At the Bakery Institute, we want to change the practice of using premixed ingredients that have become commonplace in the industry, with a return to classic techniques and basic ingredients. In our lessons, we use authentic processes and ingredients, focusing on theory as well as its practical application. Quality, innovation, and informed choices based on knowledge of the production are our focus. Our goal is to empower through education, enabling students to make choices based on a thorough understanding of the process and techniques.

There are educational programs for three different target groups. First, we have a 9-week program aimed at career switchers. This was also the first course offered. We later realized that continuing education for contemporary bakers was insufficient and therefore started offering short courses aimed at that segment. Our third target group is enthusiastic home bakers or the consumer segment.

All of our courses are in Dutch except the 4-day course Introduction Bread & Pastry. We also have extensive local and international experience in creating tailored courses. Please contact us for more information.

ENGLISH - Introduction Bread & Pastry
ENGLISH - Introduction Bread & Pastry

Always wanted to know more about bread baking and want to experience how things work in a bakery? This very intensive week will give you the experience if various basic...

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