ENGLISH - Handmade Bread

24 Oktober t/m 25 Oktober 2018

Always wanted to know more about bread baking and want to experience how things work in a bakery or Boulangerie?



  • 2 days
  • 14 hours
  • 09:00h - to 15:30h
  • Max. 12 personen



You will learn the basics in ingredients, the kneading, the shaping of the loaves, proofing the bread, scoring and baking the bread in a very intensive two day program.

You will start immediately with doughs that take more than one day to prepare, different grains, breads baked in a tin and directly on the floor of the oven. Discover the wonderful world of Boulangerie with us!

What you will make

French baguettes, Italian Ciabatta, Swiss Zopf, Danish Rugbrød, Dutch Vloerkadetten and more.



€ 425,- including VAT and lunch


For non Dutch speaking students who want to learn more about baking. This course will be taught completely in English​